Let's Talk Pillows!

Pillows can make or break a room. They help make a house a home, and can transform any space for the better. View our tips to help you elevate your next space with our pillows that really pack a punch!

Mix and Match 

Who wants simple these days? Art is not just on the walls within our home. Mix different prints to make a statement that leaves your guests talking. The fabrics and textures used in our pillows are unique and meant to serve as pieces of art that bring life into a room. See three ways you can mix and match one style of pillows below!


Strength in Numbers

Long gone are the days where having one or two pillows will make the cut. More is more, right? Even numbers are not always best when it comes to pillows. Clients are typically seeking pillows in numbers of three. Instead of only having two or four pillows on your couch, mix it up with three pillows to one side and one or two on the other. Just be sure you are leaving room for your guests to sit. 😊 View a couple ways we like to arrange our pillows below!


To Chop or Not To Chop?

We say chop! Adding a small chop to your pillows helps add character to your space. It always gives that finishing touch that expresses a very ‘put together’ look. So, what happens if your clients want a more relaxed look for their space? In this case, we recommend chopping some and leaving some flat. This creates a less manicured look and you both leave happy! Below is a photo of our pillows chopped.


Construction Matters 

Pattern and color matter too, but they are not most important. If you buy pillows that are poorly constructed and using material that is not durable, your pillows will not last. That’s where we come in! Our Revelation pillows are all 95/5 feather down inserts, include invisible zipper closures, and have design on front and back. Not to mention they are beautifully designed with exquisite detailing. Below you will see zoomed in view of the detailing on our pillows.


Have you stopped in our showroom to view the incredible new line of pillows? We have over 20 styles available! Want in on a little secret? We have these available off the showroom floor for First Monday starting today.


Design, Create, Elevate 

The Buhmann Group